Green Deal Compliant EPC

What is a Green Deal Compliant Domestic Energy Performance Certificate / EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate, commonly known as an EPC is a document that indicates the relative fuel efficiency of your property. You will probably already have seen forms of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’S)  when you have been buying white household goods, such as fridges and washing machines. The relative energy efficiency of these goods is indicated by a colour coded sticker.EPCs are mandatory when you wish to take advantage of the Governments new “Green Deal” incentives or when you intend selling, buying or letting a property.

Briefly, here’s what you’ll find in the Report’s several sections:

The EPC will be issued after a property inspection, by a qualified GDA (Green Deal Advisor) DEA(Domestic Energy Assessor)or HI (Home Inspector) The certificate will contain the following information:

  • Details of your property, its address, date of report and property size in square metres;
  • A table with headline performance ratings calculated in terms of the average energy use per square metre of floor area, and its “environmental impact” based on carbon dioxide (C02) emissions;
  • A table providing indicative costs to light heat and provide hot water, making standard assumptions about occupancy, heating patterns and the location of the property. This will make any one property easy to compare with another.
  • A summary of the property’s energy performance features, with walls, roofs, floors, windows, heating systems, hot water systems and lighting rated as very poor, poor, average, good or very good.
  • Recommended measures to improve the home’s energy performance ratings.

It will not state the cost of these improvements – which will vary according to the cost of local labour and the materials used – but it will contain estimates and estimated annual cost savings.

What is the benefit of having an EPC?

A Compliant Green Deal EPC will allow you to take advantage of the recently announced Green Deal incentives offered by HM Government. It measures the overall energy efficiency of a property using specialist software, which takes account of the size of the property, its structure, insulation, heating, hot water, lighting, and ventilation, the number of windows and the type and quantity of fuel used.

Not all of us use our homes in the same way so to allow direct comparisons, energy ratings will be calculated using “standard occupancy” assumptions (RDSAP). This will assume that during winter the home is heated for nine hours each weekday and 16 hours each weekend day, with the living room at 21C and the rest of the house at 18C.

The EPC is a Legally required Document to allow you to take part in the Green Deal Incentive   which in turn is also a compulsory element of the sale or rental of a property and is valid for 10 years, but that may change next year. This certificate can be obtained only via Licensed  assessors accredited by HM Government.

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